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Jean Chevrier
President. Jean Chevrier is a lawyer and a former professor of Canadian political history and International Relations. He worked as legal counsel for the Department of Justice Canada. He has written extensively on Canadian politics and also served as an advisor to Robert Stanfield and to the Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Joe Clark. He was the editor of The Prime Ministers of Canada.

Denis L. Daigneault
Vice-president. Denis Daigneault is a historian, filmmaker, editor and educator. After many years as a researcher and project manager and multimedia producer at the National Film Board of Canada, he worked as an education advisor at Dawson College and founded the Institute for Educational Resources. He was the editor of Native Leaders of Canada.

Angely Pacis
Secretary.  Angely Pacis is a Canadian immigration lawyer & community leader, with practice experience in Aboriginal, Constitutional and Immigration Law.  She has a practice interest in National Security, Public International & Treaty Law as well as a general interest in matters of Environmental stewardship, Canadian economic growth and Business.  Multifaceted, she comes from an entrepreneurial family, having managed commercial properties and a medical group while pursuing studies in journalism and in law.  She was a journalist and young publisher prior to becoming a lawyer.

Diana Diaconu
Treasurer. Diana Diaconu is a Law school graduate in her native Romania. After many years at Fido/Rogers Communications she has recently joined the public service, working for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Gerald C. Gummersell
Gerald C. Gummersell is chairman and managing director of The Gummersell Group Inc., a Canadian-based fund raising and investment financing company. He is also the founding chairman and chief executive officer of CANIFEX International, a non-profit, registered charitable corporation that encourages international business co-operation for sustainable development.

Tony Di Iorio

Tony Di Iorio is Print Management Specialist at BRADDA Printing Services Inc. His specialties include concept development, design, and layout, as well as printing and distribution. He has pioneered techniques for short-run book publishing and for producing promotional materials on demand.

Gaëtan Jeaurond
Gaëtan Jeaurond worked for twenty-seven years in the federal civil service and today operates his own consulting firm specializing in protocol issues. Literature and books, especially old books, are his passion. He published a collection of poems, Pays en Palabres Perdus (Editions David), and in his undergraduate years was crowned Poet Laureate at the University of Toronto's Massey College.

James Lorimer
James Lorimer is an Ottawa-based public affairs consultant with over twenty years experience in government relations. He has worked with national associations and corporations ranging from airlines to agriculture, banking to broadcasting. He provides strategic communications and media relations services to numerous clients.

Lorne Monti
Lorne Monti is a gifted wordsmith. He has had a diverse background which includes the feature film industry. Over the years Mr. Monti has written about a variety of issues from politics to lifestyles, often exploring their communitarian value. He continues to work on several projects including the New Federation's Leadership Series.

Jeanne Poulin
Jeanne Poulin is a bilingual journalist specializing in socio-political issues whose articles have appeared in trade magazines, regional newspapers and several anthologies. Her work as a storyteller has been produced in museums and theatres in Montreal.

Jacques G. Ruelland, Ph.D.
Jacques G. Ruelland teaches history at l’Université de Montréal, and works as a museologist for a number of museums. He has written thirty books on history, philosophy and literature. A long-time associate of New Federation House, he was, notably, the French translator of The Governors General of Canada, for which he wrote the biography of the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean.


Franck Hénault
Franck Hénault has worked for many years as a professional in a complex regulatory environment where attention paid to the intelligible expression of ideas has great importance. His passion for detail and for the French language and its literature have led him to become a linguistic specialist.

Margarita Reti
Margarita Reti is a pharmacist and worked for many years in the health care sector; she is currently a consultant to the life sciences industry and to companies in the technology sector. She publishes “Life Sciences News Briefs”, “Emerging Decision Making Hierarchies,” and “Federal Provincial Healthcare Activities in Canada.”

Ghislaine Sathoud
Born in Congo - Brazzaville, author Ghislaine Sathoud has lived in Montreal for several years. This human rights activist holds several degrees, including two issued by Montréal universities: a Masters in Political Science and a Certificate in Criminology. Author of several books, and laureate of the Naji Naaman Literary Awards in 2008, she is a researcher associated with the Réseau francophone de recherche sur les opérations de paix at l’Université de Montréal. Ghislaine Sathoud is the first immigrant woman to be elected president of the Société des écrivains francophones d’Amérique.



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