Ghislain Picard, Innu Montagnais, 1955-
He is the Regional AFN Chief of Quebec and Labrador. He is Innu (Montagnais) from the community of Betsiamites. After studying Communications in 1976 and brief stint in the public service in 1978, he was offered a position with the Atikamekw and Montagnais Council and various posts in communications until 1983. In 1983, after taking part in the establishment of a network of community radio stations for his people, he became co-founder of the Atikamekw and Montagnais Communications Corporation. In 1989 he was elected vice-president of the Atikamekw and Montagnais Council. Picard was elected Regional Chief in 1992 and has been a member of the AFN Executive Committee since then. He maintains links with the forty-three Chiefs in his region. A longer biography appears in Native Leaders of Canada.

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